Whether it's a short story about a cool place to visit or a few magnificent adventure photos, TAM's got something for everyone...

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Welcome to the World of Travel and Adventure!

You don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy a good bit of fun. Traveling and Adventure take on all sorts of forms around the world.

What’s your form of travel & adventure? Is it a neighborhood stroll to the local niche cafe where you stop for your favorite java, snap a few pics on your favorite camera and jot down some creative thoughts in your journal? A whitewater kayak romp in a raging river? Snuggling by the fire of a cozy cabin in the north woods? A hike in far-off lands? So many adventures. So many cool spots to travel. So little time. As the header on our website reads “Life’s short… Go live it!”

This site is dedicated to all the humans past, present and future that live their lives with a smile on their face, a sense of pep in their step and a will to Itch-it! You’ll find little poems, long stories and everything in-between peppered with an array of photos by real people just like you. Read what they have to share, get inspired and then go out and live your own adventure!

If you have a story, photos or more to share with the world, please touch base with our team and they’ll consider it for addition to this site. We don’t pay for submissions as we’re a purely user generated site, but we do give you credit for your travel and adventure oriented stories and photos along with a link back to your website if you have one.

Read on my friends. Get inspired. Have fun. Get out there and start livin’.

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